When you hire Corrine Frances Photography, you will get to know both of us. We think stories are the most important part of photography, so before you book us, here is a little bit of ours. We met in the church nursery when we were babies, got married about 20 years later, and now we get to work together. Want to know more? We want to know your story too. Let's hangout. 

Before you choose us to capture your memories, here are some things you should know about us: we create art and capture memories. We expect our clients to join us in creating something beautiful that we are both proud of. We want your pictures to represent who you are as people and as a couple. We want to hear your stories and tell them well. 

photos of Corrine + Alex taken by Abby Caldwell Photography

Photography matters because it tells your story.

are you looking for photo's that tell a story?

keep reading to know if we are the right photographers for you:

for your portraits,

you desire to feel emotion and connection through the pictures. you want to laugh, you want to cry, and you want to kiss. you want pictures that you can hang on your walls for years to come. that make you proud to be who you are. 

for your wedding,

you want to see the moments that happened throughout the day. you want your pictures to capture the love you felt, the tears you cried, and the hug that you gave to your grandma. you want to see art that reminds you what your wedding day felt like. 

for your business,

you want images that are your own. you are sick of the stock images that you used in the past. you want your pictures to communicate the feel of your store front, the taste of your food, and the vibes of your bar. you want people to look at the pictures and wish they were there.